Investing and using ZPOUND has many advantages. When you want to invest your money, it is important to diversify your investments. Why not go for big potential gains? This is the possibility that our cryptocurrency gives you.

While we are still in the early stages, the revolution has already begun. Just look at the global trading and transaction volumes of cryptocurrencies, which have been growing steadily since 2015. If you know about the securities exchange, you would realize that this income is scattered. Therefore, Zpound is a great investment opportunity to generate higher returns than other asset classes. This Digital token will be a long-term investment due to the high market demand and the low risk of inflation.

As you know cryptocurrencies are digitized, encrypted, and decentralized mediums of exchange. Dissimilar to the US Dollar and Euro, there is no local power that controls and protects the value of cryptocurrencies. Instead, these companies are widely distributed to cryptocurrency internet users.


By choosing to invest in Zpound, you are setting up a free and innovative financial system, and this crypto-currency is destined to become part of the economy of the future. Today, if you are part of those who believe that the global financial system as we know it will collapse within ten years, then all the more reason to “switch” and GAIN access to our cryptocurrency and our platform including a new version of online banking, exchange, and other very interesting projects.

It is, I remind you, a decentralised digital currency, i.e. not subject to the control and centralisation of central banks, which is one of the reasons why it is a new asset class. The principle of decentralised digital currencies is based on the tamper-proof nature of transactions stored through the blockchain.

It is of course the performance and stability of a cryptocurrency that is of primary interest and attraction to investors, and Zpound can guarantee significant returns through our way of linking all new technologies and projects; in a way that users can generate gains with minimal volatility and risk.

In summary, what you need to remember is that we have put in place a complete vision, to offer you the benefits of using Zpound with a very high level of security, because our goal is to give you access to the next level of the crypto world.

ZPOUND (Zpx) will add value to the global economic system through modern technologies. Our goal is to give you access to global innovation to have the possibility to improve the level of services and investments.

We are talking about a decentralized financial system, crypto-token, payment gateway solutions, a mobile wallet and other projects that are based on Blockchain technology. Zpound as a digital currency based on BEP20 is related to ZPROXIMA Technologies platform that specializes in the introduction of technology consulting, solutions, and communication of social networks, info-tech, digital marketing, and fin-tech investments.

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