BACD, world’s first private equity BACKED Token is right on track with the roadmap and will be launched today at 22.22 CET on PancakeSwap and UniSwap. The team at BACD token thanks their partners and collaborators for this execution. The token symbol is BACD2. The smart contact address will be released when launches at 22.22 CET.

Today it will be possible to swap and trade your crypto with BACD tokens. Do not worry if you are new to crypto, our onboarding team at BACD will help you out by guiding you safely through the Trust Wallet installation and onboarding process. Just send an email to [email protected] and our onboarding team will reach out ASAP.

What is Backed?

Backed is a tokenized, truly decentralized, alternative investment fund on the blockchain, helping growth companies with capital and investors with investment strategies and placements into high performing asset classes. Backed consists of a board of directors, investment committees and a decentralized community working on a proof-of-stake basis to improve Backed’s offering. Backed uses a scientific approach to calculate optimal mixes between asset classes like private equity and digital assets to maximize investors’ returns.

All parts of the Backed offerings are decentralized, from blockchain, to applications, to the community running the operations. This ensures the highest level of performance in a programmable way, where all are rewarded according to individual contributions.

What is BACD Token?

The BACD token is a private equity token, based on the ERC1400 security token design standard, representing tokenized shares in Backed and moreover in Backed’s portfolio of growth companies, whose value will reflect the value of the assets invested in over time. The BACD token functions as a Security like token and is used for the digitalization, fractionalisation and store of value of the investment portfolio and its underlying assets.

The BACD token is backed by the collective equity of Backed itself, including Backed’s own portfolio of companies, as well as the investment portfolio. This makes the BACD token a store of value token and an instrument for investing in private equity through the blockchain. 

Even though the Backed security like token shares many of the characteristics of the

ERC20 token – the Backed security like token is designed in a completely different way.

BACD token is designed by implementing restrictions on identity, jurisdiction and asset category. In the design, the ERC 1400 Security Token Standard has been used alongside other categories including:

  • Differentiated ownership
  • Error signaling
  • Document references
  • Gatekeeper functionality
  • Redemption semantics

Key Features of BACD:

Swap Fees: There is a 6% swapping fee on the DeFi Exchanges for buy and sell orders which will be distributed in the following manner:

  • 1% will go to early stage BACD investors
  • 1 percent for marketing
  • 1 percent for administration
  • 3 percent for development.

Dividends: Dividends will be airdropped as Ethereum to BACD early stage investors according to their BACD tokens holdings from the total supply.

Locked Liquidity: Liquidity is locked for 12 months, on Unicrypt.

Due Diligence: Investors, who want to perform Due Diligence, prior to their investment in BACD, are welcome to contact us on [email protected]

Listed supply: 5% or 50 million BACD tokens will be listed per DeFi exchange.

Most Important features of BACD Smart Contract:

  • Voting and governance features
  • Snapshots (saves who token holders are at a given moment)
  • Fees
  • Uniswap compatibility
  • Multi wallet distribution / Fee handling
  • OpenZeppelin Defender for security management and automation
  • Multiple security roles for advanced contract management
  • Upgradable
  • USDC converter
  • Anti trading bot protection

Feature set is not only limited to these, it goes a lot more than that.

Product Launch and Partnerships:

We are proud to announce that we have joined forces with crypto unicorn FIREBLOCKS and can now offer the very best platform for our investors. Product launch will follow shortly after listing on the DeFi exchanges.

Know more about BACD Launch at Official Launch Website and our Main Website 

Disclaimer: Team BACD urges all to carefully read our white paper / prospectus before investing with BACD.

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