After a few months of hard work, finally the Metahorse team took a break to enjoy the serene evening of Dubai.

Metahorse is a premier project based on the love for horses, from growing up with horses, breeding them and also enjoying horse racing, polo and more. The race is a huge sport in Dubai, and the beauty of it is, it’s a sport without betting in Dubai. A world class horse racing arena is situated in Dubai, with the World Cup held yearly in the prestigious arena of Meydan.

Owning a horse is a hobby of the higher society, and horse racing is a showcase of elevated status. Metahorse is inspired by a team of horse lovers who wanted to reach out and build awareness on horses, as well as doing more for the horseworld. All the while, horse riding and going to the races were the main thing, but thanks to Blockchain, NFT and GameFi, the exposure is boundless. 

Metahorse aims to raise awareness and educate about horses through the game, and looking to tie up with some Equine Associations & Horse Training Centres worldwide, and guess what? For the First Time Ever in the blockchain world, the whispers are that the Grand Prize of the Game, The Metahorse is actually winning a real horse! Now, this is a concept based on Digital meets Reality, through Play-to-earn of the upcoming game. A real game changer to the digital world!


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